Pre Blast April 2nd The Chopper at the VET

Hold On….. Don’t Turn Around I hope you see The Sign AT THE CHOPPER tomorrow. I’m from a Small Town, not Lodi, hopefully I’ll get your Applause, it won’t be no Love Shack though, you’ll be entering the Danger Zone. Won’t have no time for the Lunch Lady to serve Millions of Peaches, Rubber Busicuts, Cherry, Cherrys, or any time to play with your Ding-a-Ling. It will certainly be Complicated but at least we won’t be stuck behind a Chicken Truck. It will be Ironic to not show up and think your an Allstar.

As always guess my intro song (the above is loaded with super popular songs that if you come out may hear tomorrow). Choose wisely your choices have consequences….

Come out to the Chopper tomorrow we are gonna play a game.

The game is called Norwegian Gräbäss!!!

Its super fun and will be, BY FAR, the best workout you’ve gotten all week. (Unless you came to Big Mo on Monday at the Vet, but I assure you this one will be harder.) Rusty will be there and I’m bringing my other toys including my Fun Boxes!!


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