Pre Blast April 2nd The Chopper at the VET

Hold On….. Don’t Turn Around I hope you see The Sign AT THE CHOPPER tomorrow. I’m from a Small Town, not Lodi, hopefully I’ll get your Applause, it won’t be no Love Shack though, you’ll be entering the Danger Zone. Won’t have no time for the Lunch Lady to serve Millions of Peaches, Rubber Busicuts,Continue reading “Pre Blast April 2nd The Chopper at the VET”

BB – The Tank @ The Vets 11/25/21

F3 Pool Party!! On November 25th a cool 48 degrees with a little moisture in the air, 12 HIMs had a pool party at the Tank. Meatball and Bunghole controlled the music, while Diablo in his Hawaiian shirt and wayfarers silently watched with his hat on backwards. Worm helped Subprime apply a heavy layer ofContinue reading “BB – The Tank @ The Vets 11/25/21”

BB – The Bridge – Poshland 8.19.20

Cap’ns long. Th’ crew be restless. First Mate Ladybird say they be on th’ verge o’ mutiny. Bunghole be in th’ brig once again. Quartermaster Stickup has charted our course, me fear we be off course. Coxswain Dynomite relayed Nice ‘n Slow ‘ave th’ scurvy. Ripple has voiced his opinion that we should throw ‘imContinue reading “BB – The Bridge – Poshland 8.19.20”

Backblast – The Chopper – 6/10/20

Pax present included: Meatball, Bunghole, Worm, Kilo, Merlin, Slothie (FNG), Tony Molito, PF, Jinxy, Cousin Eddie Q. We had nearly perfect weather, mid 60’s nice and cool, perfect morning for some HIMs to get after it. We played “It Pays to be a Winner” a motto of the Navy SEALs where those that win theContinue reading “Backblast – The Chopper – 6/10/20”