Backblast – The Tank – 8/12/20

It was the year of the plague, 2020. By my estimations and the angle of the sun it was August 12. The once green and lush landscape had now been turned into a desolate barren wasteland. A few brave souls dared to venture out into the Apocalypse at a place where ancient machines once roamed. The remains of an armored vehicle, a flying machine, and a massive artillery piece set the background for a fallen society. These men risked life and limb to get better. Bunghole and Meatball where there. Harbaugh, Bob Ross, and Vincent, the eldest and wisest of us, to my recollection dared to tempt fate. Tony Malito and Whiskers were also there. Drysdale was nursing a rib injury after a savage wild animal attack on his family, he will live. Dangerous times we live in. Then there was I, Cousin Eddie, leading the charge. I write this as a reminder and log to those generations that come next, so they will remember us. Stay Strong….

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