PB-Pelican Q at the Patriot BO 4/5/21

I know this is actually a back blast but since I screwed up the pre blast I figure this will even us out. In case you don’t know the Patriot is in downtown LaGrange and the PAX meet at the statue of George C Oldham (don’t think that’s his real name but it probably has a C in there somewhere) or where the Farmers Market is for those of you who partake in those things. This was my first trip out here (for a workout not a farmer’s market) and I was excited to make the trip. Kids were off school for Easter so no rush to get back so the extra minutes on the drive didn’t hurt. Somehow I talked myself into Qing it on the first trip. Got the text from Tidwell the night before demanding a ride so of course I picked him up on my way and of course he was walking down his driveway as I pulled onto his street. I also owe him a burrito, thanks a lot Gonzaga.

Anyway we got to the statue of Elmer T Oldham a bit early so I took a lap around the block (in my car) to check out the parking lots near there. Got back and waited for the PAX to arrive–they all did except the default site Q Holy Roller–FOCKER went to the beach for I think a total of 7 hours during which he worked out for 4 of them. PAX that were there were Dauber, Backflop, Tidwell, Asian Zing (R), Yankovic (R), Boss Hog (R), Bulletin (R), and Jolly Rancher.

I gave the disclaimer and thanked everyone for doing the hardest part of the workout which was waking up and getting there. I had found the lot I wanted to do the workout in so we took a warmup lap to get there. Boss Hog told us he would meet us there so he went the other way. On our mosey we saw Holy Roller with a Ruck and a Flag jogging up. I told him where we were headed and he said he’d meet us there. To my surprise when we got to the lot Boss Hog wasn’t there yet so we went to the other lot across the street assuming he was there. He wasn’t, he stuck around waiting for Holy Roller but I’m not sure how he knew he was on the way but since he’s the Mayor he probably knows everything happening downtown at all hours of the day.

Once those two got to the well lit parking lot we did COP which may or may have not have been–

SSH–12 or so IC

Grass Grabbers–13 or so IC

Copper Head Squats–maybe 8 IC

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and stuff–Meter approved style

Then we lined up for the 11s which were as follows–

Plank Jack Merkins-Mario to other end

Walkout Merkins-Bernie Sanders back

Squats to calf raise-Carioca down

Broad Jumps-Mosey back, I think?

During this I broke back out the Weird Al Yankovic play list since Yankovic gave the hard commit on Saturday at the Nest. No one likes Weird Al as much as Mud Bug but I haven’t seen him or Rubber Duckie for a bit, they may still be hurt together. Speaking of together Backflop and Dauber were crushing the 11s in tandem, there steps were in sync and Dauber even slowed his getting up speed down to stay aligned with Flop. I assume Boss Hog didn’t do any of my workout but rather what he wanted–again he’s the mayor and its his town. Also I actually was beating Holy Roller consistently. Turns out he had some kind of life insurance examination later or something and didn’t want to die before it. Not sure what is cooler–that Holy Roller was “afraid” he would die during my workout or that the only way I can beat him is when he’s trying not to die. Both are pretty bad ass. Jolly and Zing were killing it at the end and Tidwell was keeping up with guys double his age (and triple and quadruple!!!!). Ok maybe we were keeping up with him. Bulletin was extremely complimentary of my music choices and was pushing me to keep up with him. At around 6:05 Dauber felt the need to step in for Meter and tell me that we only had 10 minutes left in the workout and should get back to Harvey E Oldham statue soon. It was maybe 400 feet away so we did one sprint in the parking lot and then moseyed back since it was Dauber’s birthday (somehow he’s still not at respect?).

We got back to the Patrick P Oldham statue and used the area to do a minute of step ups and a minute of dips. Then we did some Mary which was Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks, Dauber led Big Bois and Tidwell led Punch Through Things (Nolan Ryans). We also listened to T Swift as we wrapped up.

We did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. I’m proud of the work FOCKER and Holy Roller are doing in growing F3 both with all the head locks and starting a WO a bit further out to try to draw in new PAX. Pretty soon we will have a Butler State Park WO. It was an awesome way to start the week, even though I didn’t write about it until the end of the week.

Until next time,


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