BB – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – 4/13/21

PAX- Glen Ross, Soft Top, Deuce, Buschhh, BallBoy, Fridge, Windshield, Tiger, Eto, Ronnie Beaver, PalmOlive, Frosty, Peeping Tom, WhamO (R), Goodman, Fruity Pebbles, Larry Flynt (Q)

-COP – As I rolled up at 5:29 the PAX were ready to roll and Tiger even beat me there… so disclaimers were given and we moseyed around the school to the main parking lot for SSH, Downward Dog, Runner Stretches, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans.

-Thang 1- We jogged down Brookfield, up St, matthews Ave. to Elmwood and back to school stopping at each street light for 10 LBC’s and 10 Merkins at each.

-Thang 2- Grabbed coupons and headed to main parking lot, partnered up and did 100 Curls, 100 Overhead Press, 200 Bench Press, 200 Squats. Partner one did the exercise while the other ran across parking lot for 10 Merkins switching until all were finished. Put coupons back.

Moseyed to the playground for some Mary on the mat… with Freddy Mercury’s, American Hammers, Gas Pumps and Elevators.

We wrapped up with announcements and mentioned that it is an honor to lead the workouts with the group. Finished with encouragement to keep investing in yourself through excericise and staying healthy and it will lead to positive things in other areas like home and work. e said an Our Father and out …

Peace out … Larry Flynt

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