BB – Cliffs at The Garden – 4.13.21 w/ Jewel

TLDR (stolen from Capn Crunchberry)- Bernie up the HSS. Indian Run along perimeter of campus. HILL REPEATS w/ curls to press, split leg squats 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 reps of each. That’s 12 trips up the hill.

The text to the Garden thread from Catfish… “In case y’all were wandering, Jewel delivered…Jesus” my cold dead heart grew three sizes.

Prior to the above, we started the morning with the disclaimer, a quick mosey with our coupons to the base of the hill.

Jimmy Neutron
Wide Right
Mountain Momma
Wet Bandit
Edward Scissorhands
Jewel – QIC

WOR included SSH, Toy Soldiers, Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runners stretches.
Plank hold for 10 HR merkins each person around the circle
Next all held Al Gore while we made the circle for 10 toddler squats each.
Prior to starting the main thang, we Bernie Sanders up the hill to the top parking lot where we broke in to the Indian Run around the perimeter of the campus. Some strong sprints from the PAX in attendance.

Once we were back to the HSS we got busy:
PAX were instructed to go through all rep counts of each exercise prior to moving on. It looked like this…
Curl to Press x 10 > Run to the dumpster and back
C2P x 12 > run
C2P x 14 > run
Rinse and repeat adding 2 reps to 20 total.

Split Leg Squats x 10 > Run to the dumpster and back
SLS x 12 > run
Rinse repeat to 20 reps

Manmakers were next, but I think only Catfish (surprise) and Nino made it to those.

Never fear – we stopped w/ 2 minutes left to AMRAP manmakers so everyone got a taste.

Strong work today by all.

Announcements – Brew Ruck this Saturday. Convergence – 4.24 @ The Garden.
Intentions – continued prayers for Huggies and his family. Milton and his family. Strength for Husky.

Always humbled and honored to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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