Back-blast 4-14-2021 DeVitto Q at the Foundry

11 fine HIMs came out in the misty morning for a nice, little heavy beatdown. I love the HEAVY as it is great change-up into a more strengthening sort of session with a touch of cardio. We started out with the usual disclaimers, did a head-count, and got into COP which included the following:

Side-straddle hops – 15
Toy Soldiers – 15
Grass grabbers – 12
Downward Dog, right knee/right elbow, right hand to sky, left knee/left elbow, left hand to the sky, right foot over left foot, left foot over right foot, cobra, and Michael Phelps.

We then mosied with our coupons over to the Portico to start the Thang. I had 80s hair band teed-up because, well, 80s hair bands probably have the best album covers ever! The Thang looked like this:

1 minute intervals of the following, clustered exercises (each exercise movement performed for 1 minute)

  1. Dry docks, overhead press, merkins
  2. One leg squats (touch ankles), “sprinter” lunge, pylometric sprinter lunge
  3. Curls, rows, coupon swings.
  4. One leg squats (touch butt on bench), 11/2 squats with coupon (Full Squat down, come-up half-way, go back down and then come back up), jump squats.
  5. American hammers, V-ups, mountain-climbers, man-makers.
  6. Birds (Lie on stomach, flap arms like a bird and and keep feet/knees off ground….yeah, easy).

1/2 loop run around the County for “rest”.

After a 10 count by Tidwell, we repeated the Thang starting with #6 and working our way back to #1. At this point in the workout, we were all hurting. Meter Maid swears that Holy Roller actually took a rest, but I don’t think anyone could tell due to the bright lights glistening off the top of Pelican’s sweaty dome. I looked to my right and saw Boss Hogg and Yankovic continuing to press through each movement. Brown Water crushed the shoulder press (I don’t know if he stopped during the entire minute). Timeshare muscled through the curls, rows, and coupon swings without a whole lot of rest. I don’t think I saw Air Raid rest once throughout the session! Big Bird literally jumped out of his shoes with the jump squats. (I think that his knee has healed well). He was a natural with the “Birds” as well.

11 HIMs were present:

Holy Roller (R)
Yankovic (R)
Boss Hog (R)
Meter Maid
Big Bird
Air Raid (R)
Brown Water
DeVitto (Q)


We closed it out with a HC, name-orama, annoucements, intentions, and prayer.

When I designed this workout, I was not sure how tough that it would be. WOOF! But that is why we come out – to push through hard sessions TOGETHER! I am grateful and humbled to have lead it. I am proud of each HIM for grinding through it without a whole lot of rest. My sincere hope is that each HIM got better today. Hasta Luego!


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