BB 4/19/21 The Motivator @ The Abyss

Back Blast for 19-April-2021 @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q.

Intro and disclaimer plus COVID warnings and instruction to keep distance.

PAX: F-Stop, Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Flip Flop (Q)

COP: Nuclears (6), Toy Soldiers 15, Mosey around playgroung area, Grass Grabbers 10, Merkins 15, Downward Dog Stretches.

The Thang

Round 1: 30 Coupon Shoulder Press, Walk Lunge to half court and back, 50 LBC, 30 Merkins,  approximately 0.5 mile run

Round 2: 40 Shoulder Taps, 50 Squat Jumps, 50 Big Boys, 30 Incline Merkins, approximately 0.5 mile run

Round 3: 15 Man Makers, 50 Coupon Copperhead Squats, 40 Coupon Curls, 30 Decline Merkins, approximately 0.5 mile run

Round 4: 40 Plank Jacks, 30 Coupon Bent Over Rows, 30 Flutter Kicks (4-count), 20 Merkins-Diamond, approximately 0.5 mile run

Distanced COT:  Thanked the PAX for participating, discussed announcements, I prayed us out.  It’s always an honor and a privilege to lead! Flip Flop

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