BB 3/11/22 Gladiator @ The Abyss

Chilly morning, two solid PAX (Kittly Litter and myself). Started with downward dog stretches. Ran from bball court to Flat Rock, with intervals on that way out and back. Did some grass grabbers, toy soldiers, arm circles and Michael Phelps when we got to Flat Rock Road. Thang: Ran to boat ramp for 25 merkins,Continue reading “BB 3/11/22 Gladiator @ The Abyss”

BB Monday 1-10-22 The Motivator @ The Abyss

It was a nice, chilly 19 degrees when I arrived at the Abyss this morning at 0525. Did a quick drive to make sure there was no ice where we would be running and got back to the court, set up the flag and time was called. PAX were F-Stop, Diane Dukes, Kitty Litter andContinue reading “BB Monday 1-10-22 The Motivator @ The Abyss”

BB 9-1-21 The Escalator @ The Abyss

It was a damp but mild morning…still pretty muggy. I arrived and stepped onto the b-ball court right at 0500. Gathered the PAX (Uncle Sam (R), F-Stop, Kitty Litter, Mr. Hat, Flip Flop (Q)) for COP. We began with SSH-25, Arm Circles into Michael Phelps, Toy Soldiers-10, Grass Grabbers-10, Merkins-10, Downward Dog Stretches, Mtn Climbers-15Continue reading “BB 9-1-21 The Escalator @ The Abyss”

BB 5-10-21 The Motivator @ The Abyss

Pulled into the basketball court parking area @ 0459 and 45 seconds. By the time I grabbed my coupon and made it to the court, it just turned 0500. We (Kitty Litter, F-Stop, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, Flip Flop) jumped right in to COP with 5 boyos, SSH-30, Toy Soldiers-10, 5 boyos, Grass Grabbers-10, Mosey,Continue reading “BB 5-10-21 The Motivator @ The Abyss”

BB 4/19/21 The Motivator @ The Abyss

Back Blast for 19-April-2021 @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q. Intro and disclaimer plus COVID warnings and instruction to keep distance. PAX: F-Stop, Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Flip Flop (Q) COP: Nuclears (6), Toy Soldiers 15, Mosey around playgroung area, Grass Grabbers 10, Merkins 15, Downward Dog Stretches. The Thang Round 1: 30 CouponContinue reading “BB 4/19/21 The Motivator @ The Abyss”

BB 2-15-21 The Motivator @ The Abyss

Today was a pretty important day for me. I had been quarantined due to being COVID positive, with some really unpleasant symptoms. So, this was my release from quarantine and I NEEDED it! The weather was the last thing on my mind but, believe it or not, I did arrive about 6 minutes early toContinue reading “BB 2-15-21 The Motivator @ The Abyss”

Back Blast for 29-July-2020 @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q.

Temp was 67 degrees with minimal humidity…really nice for late July.  Intro and disclaimer.  COVID warnings and instruction to keep distance. PAX: Uncle Sam (R), Jitterbug (R), Mr. Hat, Huggies, Nino, Irena (FNG), Flip Flop (Q) COP: SSH (20 IC), Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog calf/leg stretches, Mountain Climbers (15 IC), Merkins (10).  MoseyContinue reading “Back Blast for 29-July-2020 @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q.”

Back Blast for 24-July-2020 Gladiator @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q.

In an unusual turn of events, I actually arrived 5 full minutes prior to show time.  That, alone, nearly put Mr. Hat in a state of shock and we had to wait on his recovery to get started.  Temp was 67 degrees, humid as Hades and quite foggy.  Intro and disclaimer.  COVID warnings and instructionContinue reading “Back Blast for 24-July-2020 Gladiator @ The Abyss w/Flip Flop Q.”

3/18/20 BackBlast The Abyss-Escalator

5 PAX kept our distance from each other but got after it Charles Bronson style. Temp was 39 and mostly cloudy. PAX included: Squid, Mr. Hat, Uncle Sam (R), Harbaugh, Flip Flop (Q) COP: 25 SSH (IC), Kendra Newman’s, Downward Dog calf stretches, 15 Mtn Climbers (IC), 5 Merkins (IC), 5 BOYO, 5 Jump Squats,Continue reading “3/18/20 BackBlast The Abyss-Escalator”

Back Blast for 17-Feb-2020 Long Run Park w/Flip Flop Q

Intro and disclaimer.  Mosey around the playground and back to basketball court for COP.  Temp was 32 degrees and partly cloudy. 7 PAX: Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Abacus, Skirmish (R), Backflop, Storm Trooper, Flip Flop (Q) COP: SSH (30 IC), Grass Grabber (10 IC), Arm Circles, Downward Dog calf stretches, Mountain Climbers (15 IC).Continue reading “Back Blast for 17-Feb-2020 Long Run Park w/Flip Flop Q”