BB 3/11/22 Gladiator @ The Abyss

Chilly morning, two solid PAX (Kittly Litter and myself). Started with downward dog stretches. Ran from bball court to Flat Rock, with intervals on that way out and back. Did some grass grabbers, toy soldiers, arm circles and Michael Phelps when we got to Flat Rock Road.

Thang: Ran to boat ramp for 25 merkins, 25 copperhead squats, 25 big boys, 25 calf raises and 25 overhead claps. Continued to complete the loop with 4 additional stops to repeat the previously mentioned exercises. It was good to chat with Kitty Litter for 45 minutes straight. Made it back to the vehicles/flag at 6:17. We made announcements and I prayed us out. Great way to start the weekend. Cheers-Flip Flop

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