Backblast – BIG MO 4.26 w/ Jewel

TLDR: We had a heavy rope, a 120# sandbag, and 80# sandbag, a several 60# sandbags and a few rucks. We repeatedly lifted these heavy things in an attempt to get bigger and stronger. There was much mumblechatter, surprisingly not from Worm.

The Almost Real BackBlast-

I admittedly am not the greatest Q for a Heavy style workout. But the only way to get better is to keep doing it. Sunday I started texting the Vets PAX to see what was at my disposal. Got pumped when Kilo HC’d with his 120# and 80# sandbags. That 120# is a beast!! After more HC, I planned the below.

Thang – 10 Stations
1. Ropes
2. Overhead Press – 45# Ruck
3. Deadlifts – 120# sandbag
4. Curls – 30# dumbells x 2
5. Cleans – 80# sandbag
6. Squats – 60# sandbag
7. Merkins – 30# Ruck
8. Manmakers – 60# sandbag
9. Bent Over Rows – 60# sandbag
10. Dips

55 seconds to work – 20 seconds to move – 3 rounds

PAX in attendance:
Tony Malito – if you’re missing an F3 pullover – please see TM – he didn’t mean to steal it. Must be able to wear Baby Gap sizes
Hot Wheels
Jewel – Q

As always, appreciate the opportunity to lead. Especially at the most trash talkin AO in all of F3 Nation.

SYITG – Jewel

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