BB – 4/27/2021 – The Planetarium at the Boondocks

I have not been to the Boondocks. However, I gotta say that the birds seem to chirp louder, the stars appear to shine brighter and the moon appeared to be quite majestic! (It was a full moon, btw). It certainly is my 2nd favorite AO behind the County 🙂 Suffice to say, it was a beautiful morning and, man, what a group. Thus, the pressure for me to deliver a good beatdown was palpable. And it was the first day of the new Boondocks Flag!

20 HIMs on a weekday morning and included the following:

Brown Water
Flex Seal
Meter Maid
Holy Roller (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Boss Hog (R)
Double Down (R)
Air Raid (R)
Bulletin (R)
Honey Do
Wild Flower
Yankovic (R)
DeVitto (Q)


We started off with a HC and then rolled into side-straddle hops x 15, Toy soldiers x 15, grass grabbers x 15, downward dog, right knee/right elbow, left knee/left elbow, right ankle over left ankle and vice versa, cobra, and Michael Phelps.


I tried to keep it somewhat Derby Themed. We partnered up and each partner proceeded through the 4 cluster of exercises and runs.

  1. “WIN” – One partner would repeat reps of 20 merkins and 30 second leg lift holds while the other partner would run a 1/3 of a mile. Each partner then switched.
  2. “Place” – Once each partner completed the “WIN” cluster, one partner would perform squat/high pulls x 25 and then one leg march (basically a one leg hip bridge) x 20 while the other partner ran 1/3 of a mile. Each partner then switched again.
  3. “Show” – One partner performed 30 overhead presses, birds x 20, and then 20-4 count mountain climbers while the other partner ran 1/3 of a mile. They then switched.
  4. “Superfecta” – One partner did rows x 30, arch/back extension hold x 1 minute, man-makers x 15, and 1 minute rife carry hold while the other partner ran 1/3 of a mile.

After each partner went through each of the 4 clusters, we did some mary which consisted of birds x 20. (You are probably seeing a trend – I love birds!) I like to work the back abs in an attempt to injury proof. Some of our HIMS were still recovering from races this weekend (me as well), so these exercises were a must. Of course, by adding some different, back ab exercises, I probably confused a few HIMs. However, I did appreciate the patience and willingness to try something a little different and new.

The playlist was also horse themed. Abacus liked the Natalie Merchant tune, which was actually her playing with Cowboy Junkies which probably nobody cares about…but anyway. He requested my next Q to be ALL Natalie Merchant! (If that happens, it might just be he an I and he might be a weak maybe). Cochran and some of our RESPECT brothers did like “Wild Horses” by the Stones so the playlist was not all bad.


HC, namerama, announcements, intentions. Yankovic spoke about the work that he is doing for the Pregnancy Center. Please donate to this cause! Dauber mentioned the County Fair on May 15th. Mark that date down! Should be a blast. We then had intentions and thanked God for allowing us to push our bodies to the limit. In doing so, we pray that he will instill the strength in each of us to become a light in the world to inspire other men to join the F3 Brotherhood and also to be a positive influence for our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

Thanks to all who came out. I am always humbled to lead and grateful for the opportunity.

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