BB Brown Water Foundry Q at The County 5-5-2021

Happy Cinco de Mayo! At 5:30 disclaimer was given on this cool but muggy spring morning.

Asian Zing
Holy Roller
Boss Hog
Brown Water (Q)

We moseyed around the back lot to warm up and did some COP:
Grass Grabbers
Toy Soldiers
Downward Dog / Runners Stretches
Michael Phelps

Then we took our coupons into the back lot for the Main Thang. Being Cinco de Mayo I had 5 stations set up with tiny little glow sticks (couldn’t find the lights or cones last night) The board contained the following list of excercies:

Incline Merkins
Plank Jacks (single count)
Bench Press
Skull Crushers
Mountain Climbers (4 count)
Overhead Press
Coupon Pull Thrus
Big Boys

The workout was a progression of reps increasing by 5 as you went to each of the first four stations, then the last station was 5 BOYOS each round. So round 1 looked like this: 5-10-15-20 incline merkins then 5 BOYOS for a total of 55 reps per round (See what we did there? 5/5 Cinco de Mayo!). Then the same routine for each exercise. My though was to walk between stations either rifle carrying the coupon or farmer carry etc but a few guys wanted extra credit (Holy Roller, Devito, Lambeau) and ran between the stations. Nice work guys. We listened to the first song Cochran and his M danced to which was either Yeah! by Usher or I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Either way both are very romantic choices. We made it thru pretty much the whole list with a couple minutes to spare and Jolly Rancher joined us after his run for some Mary. Since he is the top dog now, we let him make the call and we did 20 big boys.

Circled up for announcements, County Fair is next weekend, there is a 5K in Oldham County sometime that moring after the CSAUP if anyone wants more, and Dare to Care is this weekend.

Intentions & Prayers for Holy Roller’s mom who is in the hospital.

Closed with an Our Father
Always a pleasure to lead these fin HIMs

SYITG – Brown Water

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