BB: Gisele Q – Nest @ the County 5.8.21

Anytime I have a Saturday Q I feel like I must make it memorable. Heck 1 hour of exercise has got to leave an impression. I also like to have a theme built off something. It turns out that 5.8.21 is International Belly Dancer day. I am sure the pax would enjoy having to wear stomach cut tees but turns out there is something more significant for the day before Mother’s Day. My son is adopted and the day before we celebrate Mom is Birth Moms day. My son was adopted in Utah so today was filled with some climbing.

7am 48 degrees and we dropped coupons at the Island behind main church. Mosey to the

upper school lot 62 SSH for % of children who are placed with their adoptive families within a month of birth. 22 Grass Grabbers the birth day of my son 10 Toy Soldiers for the legos that I will step on today. A little downward dog and then:

Thang 1

Mount Mercy ladder

1- down Bobby Hurly adding one at each light pole.

2- back Squats adding one at each light pole.

Thang 2

Back at the coupons it’s time for the Main Event. Take your 8 digit birth month and you do the exercise with the first number (25 with some in cadence except 10 manmankers) head to the gym, bear crawl to the top. Loop around the chapel and back to the coupons for birthdate number 2. We did this hitting all 8 digits of your birth date until it was time.

1- Curls

2- squats

3- Merkins

4- Dips

5- mountain climbers

6- big boy SU

7- flutter kicks

8- lunges

9- Vups

0- Man Makers (10)

Holy Roller said we had to do man makers until the church bells end. Man I was smoked…. 3 left early to head to dare to care so the last 7 went through some announcements and intentions. Always a pleasure, until next time Gisele out!

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