BB – 5/4/2021 – The Planetarium at The Boondocks

PAX Backflop, Holly Roller (R),Bulletin (R), Cochran, Swag, Outhouse (FNG), Aerobie (R), Verbal, LePew, Lambeau, Nan Moore, Flexseal, Yankovic (R), Honey Do(Q). I announced the time 5:30am and welcomed FNG head locked by Nan Moore. The disclosure was given, and we started out on a .37mile mosey on the walking path. As the PAX regrouped, we migrated locations for additional space, heading halfway to the baseball fields stopping at a cross walk. This is where we remained for the duration.    


  • 20 – SSL (IC)
  • 20 – Toy Soldiers (IC)
  • Downward Dog with all the extras, into cobra.

By this time the humidity was starting to show and the mumblechatter was not the only flowing from our bodies.


11’s – Thruster with coupon, run 50 yards, Imperial Squat Walkers. Due to the size, the PAX was split in half, running in opposite directions meeting at the cross walk. YHC splitting time going in both directions.

Thang 2:

Tabata: 4 sets of each, work 35sec, rest 10sec, break 15sec in between.

  • Curls for the girls
  • Derkins
  • Row
  • Flutterkicks
  • Bench Press

With about 5mins remaining we moved back to the beginning spot for Mary.

  • 20 (IC) American hammers.
  • Butterfly stretches
  • Left leg out, touch toe.
  • Right leg out, touch toe.
  • Single burpee

Time was called and we circled up. CoR, NoR, FNG stepped into the middle of the circle sharing a story about singing or playing an instrument on stage, slightly misjudging the start time do to a bathroom break, hence the name Outhouse(way cooler story if Outhouse would of said he was mic’d up in the bathroom). Announcements / Intentions. 15 mins later heavy Rain!

Honey Do

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