PB-The County Fair 5/15/21

The day you have all been waiting for is finally here (well its tomorrow). Bring a ruck, a coupon, running shoes, some water, a friend, $10 if you want to join our Preakness pool, a pull up bar if you have one (not really), a towel if you sweat a lot and that’s probably enough. We start at 5:30 sharp with a heavy, then into a run at 6:15, the Nest boot camp at 7 and then a ruck at 8. We’ve been planning this for like a year so I’m sure it will be a complete disaster. Playlists will be ad free and 🔥—one of those has no chance of being true. If you can’t stay for all of it come for what you can. Let’s celebrate all the money we raised in the fall! Refreshments for those who stay til the end will include White Claw (hoping a couple Gardeners see this).

Oh and for some reason Cousin Eddie is running 3 miles before it.



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