Back-Blast 5.17.21 – VQ @ Abyss

Here’s what went down in the dark dark gloom: We had five lively HIM-Pax from our native AO show up with too much sweat still inside them. The goal was to dispose of some of it.

Warm up: Stretching

Warmer up: ‘Merkins, BOYOs, Squats, Turkish Get-Ups

Warmest up: Mosey down to boat ramp for some abdominal work, then up to top of Abyss for more abs.

Thang uno: Sets of 40 Derkins, 50 Dips, 50 Box Jumps, and 20 Pull-ups…and in between each set, we took a “Litter Lap”, which consisted of carrying either a 40-lb box of kitty litter or a 20-lb sack of the stuff down to a low-point & back, moseying double-time the whole way.

Thang dos: 20 Coupon Curls + Overhead Press, Bear-Crawl length of court, 50 LBCs, Crabwalk back, …then enough Manmakers until (dang) we were out of time. Thanks for the support fellas.

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