BB Holy Roller Q – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

What a beautiful morning for a drive to Shelby County to hang out with the Studs at Bayside. Goal was to form memories by engaging all of our senses. When that happens our memories get to our hippocampus (that’s where our long term memories reside). So we saw the 2 boards with only 4 exercises each, we smelled the scent of burning coupons as we pushed them across the pavement, we felt the pavement and our coupons in and under our hands, we heard country music, and, we tasted sweat.

Charolais (R)
Aerobie (R)
Mr Mom
Borland (R)
Banana Bread
Shuttlecock (R)
Air Supply
Ruby (R)
Holy Roller (R) (Q)

We did a quick warm up of Merkins, Downward Dogs and High Knees. Moseyed to the Coupon stash and then to the board set up at the top of the parking lot that is striped like a football field. There was another at the other side of the parking lot about 50 yards away. The Thang was to do the number of reps and exercise with coupon, then bear crawl with coupon to the other side and do that set of reps and exercise with coupon and then mosey back with coupon. We did a total of 8 that consisted of these sets: 40 Big Boy SU, 50 ManMakers, 50 4ct Flutter Kicks, 50 Thrusters, 40 Leg Lifts, 25 Derkins, 150 LBC (no coupon on this one), and ended with 100 Curls. We circled up for some Holy Roller Mary – 2 minutes of ManMakers slow and together.

COT- Announcements – Monthly Ruck, Come to the (BO) Patriot in LaGrange Monday and Friday 0530 at the Courthouse Square, Air Supply joined the Board at Safe Passage (they work with children that are exploited and sex trafficked) and want to get the word out (noble HIM). Intentions – Janice brain surgery, Holy Roller’s mom. Ball of Man prayer time to take us out.

Memories today may be of the pain, but we all got better. I think it was Sadie that said, “Hey Holy Roller, you can take these boards home and burn them or do something with them but don’t let them show back up at Bayside again!” So I have resolved to create a new set of boards for next time…if y’all will have me back.

Well done PAX of Bayside! You Hims are strong.

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