BB-Pelican Q Loco at the County 5.25.21

This Q had been semi planned about one year ago. It needed the play ground to work but stupid COVID shut that down for a while and then I forgot about it. The theme was to do a bunch of exercises I don’t like. The PAX were quick and correct to point out that doesn’t eliminate too many of them.

Speaking of the PAX they were-

Lady Bird (R)
Double Down (R)
Hush Puppy
Little Jerry (R)
Brown Water
Jerry Maguire (R)
Honey Do
Holy Roller (R)
Captain Crunchberry
Jolly Rancher
AirRade (R)
Pelican (Q)

Fartsackers included but not limited to Crockpot and Airplane. Both had excuses—Crockpot was fixing his hair or his kids hair or something. Hair fixing is not something that typically gets in my way. Airplane could not use the hair excuse but his had something to do with working the day before (like most of the rest of us). Also Amelia fart sacked who I just assumed was still upset about his missing Airplane.

After giving Holy Roller a trash bag full of dresses I gave the disclaimer. Then we started with something most of us agree we don’t like—10 BOYOs. From there we moseyed to the front for some COP. We started it off with Nuclears which absolutely no one but Le Pew likes. I dislike them so much I don’t know how to count them so we stopped after one round of 5. We then went into grass grabbers which I actually like but we had to stretch some. From there I think we did a Merkin waterfally thingy but just did one round of 10 per pax. After that we did downward dog which most people like but we switched our feet before we were supposed to and Meter hates that. I’ve learned to hate most things Meter does except for Juicy’s. I like that place even if they don’t take Meters coupons. Then we jumped into groiner, which is the worst part of the burpee. I think we did 10 in cadence. Followed that with Michael Phelps even though I strongly prefer Ryan Lochte. And we finished we Kendra Newman’s cause it’s required. We then moseyed to the playground for the thang.

I then explained the Thang which was to do 5 pull ups (Pelican the person hates these mainly cause I’m big and can’t do them), 10 burpees (again me Pelican hates these) and 15 four ct mountain climbers (ever see a Pelican climb a mountain?). Then take a lap around the school bear (a bear is the Pelicans mortal enemy) crawling up the small hill and lunge walking (Pelicans don’t lunge walk they fly) the length of the school in the back to the playground. During this time Backflop and Dauber were chatting away like school girls so I had to hit them with the “What did I just say?” and of course neither of them had a clue. Told them they were just like my sons b-ball team and one of the two even was the same height as our players—you can guess which one. I proceeded to split the group into even and odd ages which would have been a perfect 10/10 split if someone would have went to the right group (someone=me).

During the thing we listened to Sweet Caroline, Welcome to the Jungle, and other popular songs that I usually don’t play. Abacus made the comment that he wished I was playing Snoop which I will be sure to oblige him with on my next County Q. I think the PAX hit 5-6 rounds of this when I told them to stop running and just hit reps til the six got there. Dauber, WILDflower and Hush Puppy (maybe others) were picking up the six for us. I was about to head back from some Mary when Jerry Maguire made his way around. Apparently those guys don’t really know what picking up the six means but at least they tried.

We got back to the flag for some Mary which was Gas Pumps (gas needs oil and Pelicans hate oil spills), then V-Ups and Heart breakers. I don’t hate either of those. Finished with some stretching as it was well earned on that muggy morning.

Finished with CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. Was great to see the streak of PAX posting for the first time after a layoff in a WFT shirt continue for the second consecutive county workout. If that is all takes to get HIMs back out I’ll buy a bunch and hand them out.

Always feels good to have the chance to lead.


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