BB – Heavy @ Le Mutt – 5/27 – Larry Flynt & Eto

In what was our first ‘Heavy’ in a while at Le Mutt… Eto and I (Larry Flynt) co-Qued to deliver the ultimate full body work out humanly possible. Rolling in at 5:15 to see BackDraft and Peeping Tom in the gloom ready to help us set up, we used sidewalk chalk to mark up various stations for the workout that began promptly at 5:30.

We moseyed around the parking lot and then circled up for SSH, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, downward dog and runners stretches.

We then moseyed over to our pre-labeled stations, 18 in all including tire pull, curls, bench, SSH, rope, etc… the 19th station was ‘The Push’ who jogged to the playground and back.

We finished by putting the coupons up and circling in the prayer garden for intentions and friendly banter. Special thanks to Palmolive who brought a cooler full of Phocus…which were absolutely delicious!

HIMS included: Ronnie Beaver, Frankenbaby, Backdraft, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Larry Flynt (Q), Wham, Flea, Zima, Busch, Tiger, ball Boy, Captain Insano, Bloody Mary, Peeping tom, Left Eye, Palmolive, Eto (Q)

Peace out – Larry Flynt

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