BB – ToG @ The O – 5/27/21

The fog was thick this morning @ The O, literally, The Gloom. This was the Q that almost didn’t happen. It was 5:25 and the PAX who arrived early, like myself, were standing around shooting the breeze, waiting for the last few souls brave enough to come rolling in. When there was the sound of a tree cracking, someone hollered “look out”, I ducked when I should have rolled, and a chunk of tree bigger than my head landed right between my shoulder blades. Handbook said if it had knocked me out cold, that he would have gone home. Of course he meant after making sure I was okay first, I think, thanks HB. After taking a quick inventory of my faculties, realizing I couldn’t leave this group to Q themselves, the WO began at 5:30 as planned.

PAX: Violet, Flo Jo, No Nuts, Shyster, Motorboat, Gringo, Handbook, Blueprint, Swatch, Russdiculous, Harry Caray (Q).

Disclaimer was made and off we went. We headed over I-64, past Wham Island, onto the fairway of Hole #7 @ Seneca GC. We made one trip up the hill and back down, we circled up began with SSH, we were about to began the next exercise when Carl Spackler rolled up on us and kicked us off the course. This obviously was not how I had planned this Q to go. I had to think quickly as PAX members started to look nervous. Lucky for me, I knew just what to do, there was a hill even nastier than ol’ #7.

We headed back towards Wham Island, just off to the side of the isle, to what I believe is referred to as “The Pier”. If it wasn’t “The Pier” before, it is now. There we bear crawled back and forth on The Pier, with merkins, BBSU & burpees sprinkled in. Then off towards “the hill that never seems to end.”

Once reaching the base of the hill, instruction was given, run 1/3 up the hill, back down and 10 4-count SSH. Run 2/3 up the hill, back down and 10 4-count SSH. Then all the way up the hill that never ends. At the top of the hill, PAX did their favorite exercise of choice while waiting for the six to arrive. Once all members were present and accounted for, we fittingly circled up for a few mountain climbers, for good measure.

We then headed off the side of the hill towards Pee Wee Reese Road, crossing over the road. We took the bike trail that runs along #2 @ Seneca GC, careful not to upset Carl by encroaching on his territory. Soon, we found the walking bridge that crosses over I-64. Violet seem to know exactly where this was, as one PAX exclaimed, “this was where Violet and Cousin Eddie apparently have their rendezvous.” Not sure if there is any truth to that, but neither could I rule out the possibility. Regardless, our tour of The O campus continued.

We moseyed our way back to the tennis courts, where we had about 5 minutes left to finish up with some Mary.

COT: COR, NOR, announcements, intentions & prayer.


Harry Caray

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