BB 5.27.2021 DeVitto Q The Agony at the County

The Agony was a bit eery this morning.   It kind of reminded one of an old Friday the 13th type movie with the fog and dampness.  One thing was sure – the humidity was in full effect.  This was going to be a sweat-fest.  

HIMs that took part ….

Scratch and Dent


Asian Zing (R) 

Double Down (R)

Little Jerry (R) 

Air Raid (R)






Jerry McGuire (R) 

DeVitto (Q) 


Side straddle hops, grass grabbers, and Toy soldiers  were all 10 each followed with Downward dog, cobra, right knee/right elbow, Left knee/left elbow, and Michael Phelps.  We performed COP in the front of the County.

The Thang

We took an easy mosey to Houston Avenue for some “King of the Hill”.  Everybody grabbed a partner and then did the following.  

Partner 1 would run down to bottom of hill and then back.  During that time, partner 2 would do a leg lift hold.  They would then switch – partner 1 did leg lift holds and partner 2 ran the hill and back.   We repeated this 4 times.  The exercise that the non-running partner performed on set # 2 was an arch hold (on stomach and raise up feet and upper body), on set 3 it is was Al Gore and set 4 it was a plank.   After each pattern completed their 4 sets of running the hill and the exercise, we then ran to the playground.  

With the power babes music blaring, I felt that most HIMs got their mojo back for the home stretch of this workout.  

Partner 2 ran a half loop around County while partner 1 did pulls up.  If partner 1 tired during pull ups before partner 1 was back from run, then partner 2 did leg lift holds again.  Once partner 2 returned from run, then each partner switched.   For the last round, one partner wound do dips followed with rests in plank position for 20 seconds.  Then they would resume doing dips and plank “rests” until the other partner got back from the run.  They would then switch exercises again.  


Countarama, Namerama, announcements, intentions and prayer.   I am always humbled to lead this gritty, group of HIMs.  We got better together today and were drenched from the hard work at the end. DeVitto Out!!!!

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