BB-Pelican/Backflop Co-Q The Nest at the County 5/29/21

This was our two year postiversary and we thought why not run back our first post. Surely it has to be easier than it was that very first day. It wasn’t, but I did recover a lot quicker this time around. Last time I don’t think I made it out for another two weeks and couldn’t lift my arms for days. This time it just was hard that day. The HIMs who joined us were—

Hush Puppy
Double Down (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Captain Crunchberry
Honey Do
Yankovich (R)
Pelican (co-Q)
Backflop (co-Q)

No Airplane again, he said he had to 💩. You can read the original backblast up above to see what we did. We pretty much ran the exact same work out with a little bit different COP. We had two playlists going, FOCKER liked mine better as evident by him running with my phone and speaker to one of the stations to drown out Flops depressing stuff he was playing.

We ended the workout by bringing back a Nest tradition-burpee football, well just football really. The good news is you don’t have to worry about FOCKER leaving us for the NFL anytime soon, the bad news is he was on my team. Hush Puppy was on a team but no one seemed to know which one. The ball never came close to him. It was a bit wet and we were slipping around some but no one got hurt. There were some nice scoring drives by both teams and we finished right at 8.

The next tradition that we brought back was Ball of Man, actually Holy Roller did it at the County earlier in the week and a lot of other workouts have as well. But the tradition of realizing you are standing next to the sweatiest PAX in the region also came back. Pretty sure Honey Do has been by me for every ball of man since it’s been back, lucky him.

We talked a lot about statues and when they were going up. Then Backflop took over COP and seemed to be issuing a filibuster as he just never stopped talking. It was all straight from the heart and we both love this group and the men who make it up. We are better because of all of you.

Side note-I’m also glad Backflop isn’t Tweety Bird. That’s kind of a shitty name—so shitty the guy who was named that a week before our first post has never came back.

Very thankful for the last 2 years!


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