BB 6/8/21 BoW @ the O. Sump Pump Q

10 PAX: Harry Carey, No Nuts, Handbook, Gringo, Pork Chop, Tammy Faye Baker, Flo Jo, Tron, Motor Boat, Sump Pump (Q)

The warm, stick to your nuts weather is back.

530. Disclaimer given and off to the cage for some warm up and time to give YHC time to think of a weinke.

Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Grass grabbers, Glen Ropes and a quick set of Nuclears before we finished with runners stretch.

A short Mosey over to CAL for the Thing. We found a partner and did the following partner work. 100 reps per exercise. P1 would run the length of the parking lot and perform 10 or so of the below before relieving P2 of wall sits or B2TW.

B. Burpess

O. Overhead Claps

M. Merkins

B. Bigboi situps

S. Step-ups

About half way through Thing 1, we were interrupted by a rouge horse that tried doing burpees with us. Crisis averted and we completed the merkins before running short on time. We finished with 25 Bigbois and Steps-ups before heading back to the flag for COT and optional BOM!

Thankful for this group whenever I am in the gloom. I am grateful when I put in the work and hateful when I choose to let the fartsack devil win.

SYITG – Sump Pump

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