Back-Blast Wednesday 06-09-2021 – The Foundry @ The County

Jolly Rancher did a great job leading the 3 year anniversary of The County yesterday. I am told said some inspiring things, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Regardless, it put me in a nostalgic mood so as I planned out my Q for The Foundry I wanted to get back to the old style of heavy. I asked Brown Water to bring his battle ropes and Meter offered to bring his potted plants. Just for future reference, these are not actually potted plants…they just look like pots that would be good for planting a nice fern or some other vegetation in. 
With equipment preparation all set, we met at the original Foundry location (playground behind the school) to get after it. PAX:  Yankovic (R), Boss Hogg (R), Asian Zing (R), Brown Water, Cartman, Swag, Meter Maid, Dauber (Q). 
COP was Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newman’s / Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Toy Soldiers

The main thang was an old school heavy with rotating stations and a pull up bonus.  PAX rotated through exercises, but in between every exercise / rotation everyone did 10 pull ups.
The “Push PAX” was 30 coupon step ups.

AMRAP Exercise rotations: Battle Ropes, Flutter Kicks with Meter potted plants (MPPs) presses, Dips, Coupon Squats, Coupon BBSUs, Derkins, MPP Lunges, Coupon American Hammers, MPP Curls, Coupon Dead Lift w/ 30lb plate added, Coupon V-Ups, Coupon Skull Crushers, Coupon Swings, Plank.

To keep with the old school theme, the playlist was all 80s rap and it was awesome (at least Brown Water agreed it was awesome). Meter made a smarta$$ comment at the beginning about my Spotify ads, but I watched the short video in advance and we legitimately got 30 minutes of uninterrupted music…Yankovic was very disappointed. Pelican and Captain Crunchberry walked over after their run I think out of shock that I was playing rap, but then realized it was real rap (not Snoop). 
The workout itself went pretty well. Pull ups are hard…Yankovic is a beast and never takes a short cut!  Boss Hogg used a seesaw for Derkins and it had to be the hardest possible way to do derkins but his movements were kinda in sync with Run DMC’s beat. 
Speaking of old school, Airplane even walked by before and after his run yelling encouragement (or something) at us.
We got through the entire list of rotations except 1 exercise when time was called and we circled up at the flag for CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions and an Our Father. No FNGs, but Yankovic was nearly renamed to Deputy Hogg or Spiritual Advisor. 
Overall it was a great morning and I am blessed to have spent a little time lifting heavy stuff with the boys. 
– Dauber

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