BB 6/11/21 The Chopper at Vets Hush Puppy Q

Conditions: It was a beautiful morning in J Town, a warm and somewhat humid 73°.

Stuff I brought: Coupon, Cones, Winke Board, Bluetooth Speaker.

PAX: Wildflower, Cratchit, Bunghole, Pelican, Gringo, Bombay, Vincent, SnoDay, Big Bird, YHC.

Clown Car: Pelican, Wildflower, Big Bird, Crachit

Shout out to my County Boys for rolling out to Vets with the Clown Car packed in. The Support was felt and certainly got the Q juices flowing since I only knew of Pelican coming from the County crowd until they pulled up and hopped out.

5:30 AM: We circled up disclaimer was given, then quick mosey to the big parking lot. Circled back up and began the following stretches: SSH 10 IC, Grass Grabbers 10 IC, Toy Soldiers 10 IC, Down Ward Dog LOR, ROL, RR LL.

5:40: We took the long way through the trails looped around, took the paved hill back to the monument.

5:43: Thang Begins: So we only have 5 short months left to prepair for the Fall mini at the Parklands, which has been the talk of the County lately and maybe a few other AOs. I haven’t heard any talk of it from the Vets regulars so I figured I might as well get a jump start on cardio with these guys. So we did sets of 50 reps, changing the movement each round, and finishing each round the same way with 2 laps around the Monument and two trips down and back up the paved hill followed by 25 dips. The sets of 50 included Merkins, Squats, Over Head Press, Big Boys, and lastly a modified number of 20 Man Makers.

We got moving and worked our way through the rounds. I think we all got a little shakey at one point or another but I saw each and every PAX grab the next gear and we kept smashin through. Time ran out and we had to modify slightly get the last two rounds in respectively. Vincent and Bombay really didnt modify much as they were killing it and got an extra lap or so up on the PAX.

6:12: With absolutley no time left for Mary we circled up and got on with COR, NOR, announcements and Intentions. There was no objection to Ball of Man so we Balled out.

Thanks for Having me out Vets Bunghole!

Peace out,

Hush Puppy

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