BB – 6.22.21- The Cliffs at The Garden

As I mentioned in the PreBlast, yesterday was a special day, my oldest son’s 8th birthday and my 400th post. So I decided I would have some fun with both of those numbers.

0530 and the disclaimer was given. I am NOT a professional, the men who showed up chose to do so of their own free will and should modify as needed.
Weather – daggum perfect

  1. Catfish
  2. Nice and Slow
  3. Late Hit
  4. Milton
  5. Jimmy Neutron
  6. Gaba Gaba (R)
  7. Gypsy
  8. Subprime
  9. Edward Scissorhands
  10. Nino
  11. Huggies
  12. Jolly Rancher
  13. Diane Dukes
  14. Stick Up
  15. Glowsticks
  16. Jewel Q

The fun with numbers was 8 exercises and 50 reps each would get us to the 400. But that wasn’t enough. Needed to make it harder so I threw in a 400m loop. It never ceases to amaze me the hard work that is put in by so many men every morning. Some guys blew threw this. Some put their head down and were grinding the entire time. Both deserve equal credit, because both are just out getting better. It’s what I love about this group.

Thanks so much for affording me the opportunity to spend 400 mornings ITG with some incredible people. Men who have become great friends, people I respect and admire.

SYITG – Jewel

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