BB-Pelican Q Agony at the County 6/24/21

A little late on this one as I spent a long weekend in Nashville with some bachelorette parties. The amount of party buses and drinking bike things there going on at any given time of day is super impressive. It’s also fun trying to explain to your 4 year old daughter what twerking is and trying to avoid being smacked my your M for watching said tweeting. All in all was a good get away and don’t think Cookie Monster has learned how to twerk just yet. Primetime did seem to enjoy himself tho.

Anyway back to the workout—we had the below PAX show up—one of them had a shirt with multiple pictures of Dak Prescott on it, it’s the one who’s name let’s you know he has multiple kids. Also one PAX read the preblast and brought some suggestions he knew I would explore. I hope it’s from a past or future Q as Lady Bird even took the time to writer them all out. It was probably 100% better than what we did.

Meter maid
Double down (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Ladybird (R)
Jerry Mcquire (R)
Mud bug
Bulletin (R)
Pelican (Q)

We grabbed our coupons and headed to the front lot of COP. Did downward dog and stuff and some other things and got ready for the thang.

It was a set of 11s—wanted to do more but ended up just doing one. Coupon swings in the parking lot then mosey down to the portico for some box jumps. You could modify those to step ups, one per leg is one. On the way back you had to bear crawl up the hill. Surprisingly this took about the entire time. During this time I observed the following —

Cochran and Meter Maid setting the pace. Cochran even had a Boogie Nights moment with Viking when Viking asked him how much was on the curl bar. It was awesome.

Jerry Maguire saying all shit I have to take another 10 second break due to the cussing in the music. He took a lot of breaks if he stuck to that but I did find the clean version of teach me how to dougie.

The bugs (Jitter and Mud) weren’t far off the pace and I like referring to them like that.

There was a lot of noise outside my banging tunes. Apparently tree trimming can start around 5:45 AM if done at a church. Airplane wasn’t at the Q (new streak???) but I think he wasn’t home either but his family and neighbors were probably pissed.

All the PAX were pushing themselves and each other to get thru. I somehow did all the box jumps without the benches breaking.

We had a few minutes left for Mary and did some things—V-Ups were included as we hadn’t done any at that county in a while apparently.

We said our announcements—there were a lot (F3 on 3 tourney!!!). Our intentions and then called it a day. Was a simple workout but we all got better.

Until next time


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