7.14.21 Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets

Weather: 70’s, muggy, sticky, air was thick, no breeze.

PAX: Kilo, Jewel, Newman, Worm, Bunghole, Vincent (R), Wide Right, PK, Yoshi, Alfalfa, Wet Sack, Diablo, No Nuts

Q: Stick Up

The morning started off nice. YHC was waiting to see the targeted body parts for Diablo’s EC sandbag stuff to not overload Jewel and Worm.

No legs. Looks like we have 45 minutes of legs coming up. Thanks for making the decision easy Diablo!

COP: Mosey around the monument, 15 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog, L over R, Right/Right, R over L, Left/Left, cobra strectch.

THANG: Grab your coupons and mosey towards the lower parking lot. We stopped at the “corner” near the play ground to give us approx 100yrds down to the circle. Cones had be strategically placed at 10 yard increments. At cone 1 we started the Jack Webb style routine. 1 Coupon Thruster: 4 Weighted Squats. Run, with coupon to the end of the 100 yard marker and back to cone 2. Next two thrusters, 8 weighted squats. Run to the end with coupon and back to cone three. Continue the pattern until you finish at the bottom with 10 thrusters and 40 weighted squats. Once we all finsihed we headed back to the ring road that wraps around the seal for THANG 2.

THANG 2: 11’s starting with 10 Thrusters, running to the other side of the ring and 1 Jump squat. Continued with this until time was called and we circled up around the seal to finish up the day.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, Words of Thanks.

Good times fellas! Thanks for having me.

Stick Up

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