Pre-blast – Jolly Rancher Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 07/16/2021

I thought I’d give you the top ten reasons to post at Pleasantville tomorrow with me – David Letterman style:

10. No coupons required for those that have somehow managed to survive the pandemic without actually keeping one in your car.

9. Pleasantville offers the Q almost anything you could want to incorporate into your weinke. You want steps? Got it. You want a circle? Sold. You want light poles equally spaced? Yup. You want a long stretch of straight road? No problem.

8. It is so easy to get to – you’ll never get lost in Pleasantville.

7. Never been to the United Kingdom? No worries – Pleasantville has Stonehenge, too!

6. It never rains in Pleasantville. And, you never have 40 knot winds howling across the lake at you.

5. Did I mention that Pleasantville is home of the largest portico in F3 Louisville? But never fear – it never rains in Pleasantville, remember?

4. Airplane is returning to Site Q duties and is stepping in on a limited time only basis while our brother Whitney continues to heal.

3. Pleasantville is like the melting pot of F3 Louisville. Each week there’s PAX from different AOs – even The Mutt!

2. Pleasantville is conveniently situated next to a Dunkin Donuts that you can hit on the way home to be heroes for your 2.0s when you bring breakfast home after the workout.

And, the number one reason you should post at Pleasantville tomorrow is:

1. Jolly Rancher at the Q!


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