BB – 7.19.21 @ North Posh w/ Jewel

I hit the light at US60 (Shelbyville Rd) next to Double Down, which isn’t out of the norm on a Monday or Wednesday. But I knew it would be a good day when he passed the entrance to Posh and followed YHC to North!
I then quickly realized I forgot my sandbag *insert angry face emoji* oh well…

Weather was perfect. Damn near no humidity, 65 degrees or so.
Orville (R)
Double Down (R)
Jewel (Q)

0530 and I announced myself as the Q, gave the disclaimer, and we started with the standard COP
Toy Soldiers
Grass Grabbers
Merkins – may or may not have been a mistake here… just go with the flow –
I said we were going to run a lot today… so, off on a quick mosey to the lake and back up the main road and back to the starting spot.

Thang: Ladder style workout- after each round, run to the sign at US60/ Shelbyville Rd.
1. 5 Manmakers
2. 10 Thrusters – completed w/ 5 Manmakers
3. 15 Curls – completed w/ 5 Manmakers & 10 Thrusters
4. 20 Squats – completed w/ 5 MM, 10 Thrusters, & 15 Curls
5. 25 Merkins – completed w/ 5 MM, 10 Thrusters, 15 Curls, & 20 squats
6. 30 Box jumps – completed w/ 5 MM, 10 Thrusters, 15 Curls, & 20 squats & 25 merkins

Throw in the runs to Shelbyville Rd and we hit close to 3.5 miles this morning.
Totals for the morning –
Manmakers – 30
Thrusters- 50
Curls – 60
Squats – 60
Merkins – 50
Box Jumps – 30

We circled up for Mary with a few minutes left.
Strong work by the PAX today…especially Orville who dominated his 2nd post.
Next week is Random Q week… have FUN with it.
Intentions were said and a reminder to lean on this group for help. Remember, the power of F3 is that you’re Never On Your Own.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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