08/05/21 Back Blast – Slide Rule Site Q Intro -The Big Kaposki @ Bayside

61 degrees…what a perfect temp for a morning in the gloom! YHC arrived 15 minutes prior to the start of my first Q as the Site Q of The Big Kapowski @ Bayside. I came equipped with two battery powered tower lights and a speaker. Squid was already out there getting loose like a stud would do. After getting the soccer field lit, Squid and I wondered why no one else read the pre-blast saying to park between the schools. As we started moseying around the train of cars came around. I did indeed remove the socks and shoes for my first barefoot WO.

COP: We moseyed around the field perimeter and then did lateral work on the tires out there. We circled up and did grass grabbers, frankensteins, Hillbilly walkers, downward dog, calf stretches, cobras, tony horton good mornings, and quad stretch.

The Thang: Pretty simple…Instead of Jack Webb we did Jill Webb. start at one end of field and do 10 burpees. Mosey to other end and do 20 thrusters with goal stay bags. Mosey toward burpee end of field and stop at first tower light and do mountain climbers until the six arrives. next round drop 1 rep on burpees and drop 2 on thrusters. Proceed to do 9 burpees and 18 thrusters…Then 8 burpees and 16 thrusters. You get the drill.

Thang P.S.: Tried to do some form of an indian run by frog jumping while the six pulls a bottom weighted dummy that was on the field. This half-baked idea was a miserable failure but also lasted only 3 minutes before the WO was called.

COT: Shared my appreciation for the men who came to get better and also announced upcoming F3 Louisville stuff and lifted up Sadie and family, Shuttlecock, and my friend Alex and his wife.

Soccer Field FAIL. .. itd kinda be fun to play on a field like that impossible but fun

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