BB – 09.03.2021 – Defender at The Patriot

Its Friday! The weekend is near, the weather is perfect, and Monday is a Holiday.  YHC was feeling a little sluggish after a night of sleeping with a kid, that sluggishness dissipated quickly as the PAX arrived: Swag, Focker, Shade Tree, Boss Hog(R), Yankovic(R), Ruby(R), Colonel Kink, Honey Do(Q).

The weinkie was designed to minimizing movement but by focused and centralized on certain muscles. So, I landed on a plank for time style WO and it turned out to be pretty tough.  

COP: Mosey, Toy Soldiers, DD, Mounting Climbers, Michael Phelps.

Thang1: 1min planks and poses after each complete 13 burpees, after 15mins, run loop. Rinse & Respect with new planks and poses.

Finishing with LBC holds for 3mins and Mary. By the end I was toast. We circle for COT and wish everyone a save holiday. Humbled to be in the presence of these fine men. Honey Do

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