BB 9/22/21 The Foundry at the County – DeVitto Q

I have not been to the Foundry in awhile …. And now I know why I miss it.  I love the heavy workouts and they are ones that you can do anywhere.  What’s even better is when you have few good HIMs who can join you for a beatdown! 

This week must be monsoon week as we had more rain at the County.  A cool 53 degrees with light rain.  Yes, Fall is finally here.  Soon enough, we will be asking for the hot weather to come back. 

With the help of Meter Maid, we were able to round up the PAX and move to the Portico.  I provided the usual disclaimers and then we dove into COP.  PAX in attendance included the following:

Meter Maid

Boss Hog – R

Yankovic – R

Brown Water

Asian Zing – R

Single Source

Devitto – Q


SSH, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, downward dog, cobra, racer stretch for the quadrip and then for the left, Michael Phelps, and arm circles. 


The THANG was a grinder style workout.   The workout consisted 2 rounds of the following: 

 10 man makers

10 Thruster

20 merkins

20 leg levers

15 burpees

15 smurf Jacks

15 steps up (right leg/left leg=1 rep)

20 Thrusters

20 mountain climbers (4 count)

Throughout the workout, PAX would accumulate 100 flutter kicks (4 ct) and 100 birds (4 ct)  interspersed during the rounds.   We concluded with a 5 minute overhead coupon hold.   

COT, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer.    Grateful to lead this one.  DeVitto OUT!

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