BB 10.30.21 Nest @ County – Kitty Litter Q

Five hardcore Pax proved that deez HIMs don’t have WWW Syndrome (we don’t melt like Wicked Witch West when there’s a little precipitation in the air). Got after it under the portico with some loud tunes and partnering. Somewhat of a modified DORA/AMRAP. Set 1 – one partner farmer-carried coupon whilst “dry” partner did Sadies. Repeat, so both partners did two cycles of each. Then we all mosied together. Set 2 – one partner bear-crawled out/Bernied back whilst dry partner did Thrusters. Again, repeat. Then all mosied as a Team. Set 3- one partner lunged walked out/lunged back whilst dry partner did coupon curls. Rinse & Repeat. Ended the hour with a round-robin (“dealer choice”) of Abs. Strong showing Men! –KL–

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