BB for 11.4.21 The Agony at the County

16 Pax were in attendance for this pre-race primer.  The attendees were….

Big Bird


Little Jerry (R)

Double Down (R)

Bulletin (R)



Jolly Rancher

Captain Crunchberry

Virginia Slims


Kitty Litter



Abacus (Q)

DeVitto (Q)

Although it was not a typical Agony beatdown, the purpose was to get our bodies ready for the rigors of the race on Sunday. I headlocked Abacus to Co-Q this one, given his running experience.   To get everyone motivated, frosty coupons were passed out to those PAX who guessed the musical artists that were inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame this past week.  Gisele mentioned Kraftwerk (?) and Valdez guessed some artist named Jay-Z?  Kudos to those HIMs for their knowledge of Rock N Roll! 

Abacus started us off with a variety exercises for COP which included the following: 

8 nuclears

25 Merkins

15 copperhead squats

15 4-ct mountain climbers

Downward dog, right over left, left over right, Right/right, left/left, and then a run around the County.   


5 Laps around the islands which include the following: 

  • 1st lap – Mario down, carioca back then 30 Merkins
  • 2nd lap – Strides down, quick “hot” steps back  then 30 hip bridges with heels
  • 3rd lap – Sprint down, easy run back then 15 lung thrusts with each leg
  • 4th lap – Mario down, carioca back then 1 minute leg lift hold
  • 5th lap – Stride down, hot step back then 20 – 4ct birds

After the laps, we performed 20 SSHs, 15 Copperhead squats, 20 Merkins, 15 – 4ct mountain climbers and then an Indian Run around the county.  The last 6-7 minutes consisted of an assortment of stretches, some of which should not be done in public i.e. squatty potty, happy baby, etc.  We did finish out with a 45 sec arch hold, glute stretches, and quad stretches. 


Counterama, Namerama, Announcements, and Intentions.  We made an announcement regarding the monthly ruck and gave praise to Captain Crunchberry by giving him the shovel for his leadership during the race training.  It was cool seeing his brother, Jolly Rancher, giving him the shovel.   Thanks to CC for keeping the runners on point with training and motivation!  Lastly, we said the runner’s prayer and gave thanks to God for giving us the ability to participate in an event like this one.   Thanks to all that attended.  Always grateful to lead. 

– Abacus and DeVitto out!

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