Well, we may have all showed up at the Abyss with forearms looking like praying mantises (praying manti?)…but we left looking rather Popeye-swole. The culprit, turns out, was a simple Thang: Partner Uno started a two-coupon farmer carry whilst the “left behind” partner did a series of 20 ‘Merkins + 20 Ninos Grandes (big boys), then sprinting ahead to relieve the “Forward Farmer” and continue the progress of said coupon carries. The groundwork stops then rotated to 20 Jump-Squats + 20 x 2-ct. American Hammers, then to 10 BOYOs + 20 x 4 ct. LBCs…then repeat that sequence until all the coupons got an awesome tour of Lake Abyss. After crushing that (2nd half all uphill), we got bored and voted unanimously (okay, it was just Q-Dictator me) for a bunch of Murder Bunnies. “I yam what I yam” (an official Popeye quote). -KL-

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