BB – 11.13.21 – The Nest @ The County

About 2 months back, Timeshare had approached me to Q the Nest, at the time Saturdays were long run days so I said put me on the calendar for the Saturday after the big Race. Being the HIM that he is, he obliged. PAX: Timeshare, Yankovic (R), Lambeau, Cratchit, Buckshot, DeVitto, Hush Puppy, Honey DO (Q).

After crossing the tracks and making the left heading down Mount Mercy there was DeVitto putting the finishing touches on a 5 Mile run. I quickly jumped out of the car a ran a few laps around to the parking lot with him. As the remaining PAX circled, we joined in and time was called, disclaimer provided and, mosey to top lot commenced. COP: Grass grabbers, DD, Mounting Climbers, mosey back to cars.

Thang: Partner up(having an even pax worked out nicely). You and partner are to complete 250 reps total (125 per person) of 10 exercises, doing sets of 25 at a time (ie partner “A” does 25 flutter kicks, partner “B” does 25 Merkins, switch). So, it went something like this…

  • 250 – Flutterkicks | Merkins
  • 250 – Calf Raises | Overhead Press
  • 250 – LBC | Benchpress
  • 250 – Block Steps ups | Curls
  • 250 – Bobby Hurley | Squats    

Between each 250: Partners run together lap around chapel, stop at playground and complete 5 burpees, 10 pullups, 15 dips.

Strong work by all the pax in attendance. Time was called and we finished in normal fashion COR, NOR, Announcements (monthly ruck on Friday night  – Vikings Voyage at 7:15pm at the O), intentions for Holly Roller family and celebration of his mother’s life.   

SYITG – Honey Do

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