Back Blast – The Agony @ The County 12.9.21

Great to be back at The County. The County boyz are great. I screwed up right off the bat when I said everything we would do, would be with a partner, then proceeded to not do warmups with partners. Pelican and Dauber were quick to be confused… par for the course.
Weather: Cold AF
FNG- Weezy (R)
Killy Litter
Meter Maid
Double Down (R)
Jewel – Q

I wanted to remind two of our own, Hush Puppy and Husky, that through all of life’s twists and turns, with F3, you’re never on your own. So today’s weinke was all partner (well, after COP).
Thang 1: 2x each
Partner 1- Husky Burpees (2 groiners, 2 merkins, 2 knee tuck jumps)
Partner 2- run gassers on the parking lot

Thang 2: DORA
50 Manmakers
75 Thrusters
100 X-Factors
125 Merkins

The Rub – P1 starts on the manmakers P2 runs to the playground and does 10 pull-ups. Rinse and repeat until time was called.

It’s always an honor to lead a group of men in the Gloom.
Here’s to Hush Puppy and his family. May God grant them peace, understanding, and joy this season.
And here’s to Husky. May God fill his surgeons with knowledge and skill, grant his family peace, and grant Husky health and an incredibly speedy recovery.
Remember, NOYO men.

SYTIG – Jewel

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