12/23/21 – Cloverfield @ The Garden w/Jimmy Neutron

PAX: Corningstone, Bacon, Mr. Roper, Wet Bandit, Diane Dukes, Stick Up, Jewel, Nice and Slow, Jitterbug (R), Jimmy Neutron (Q)

Pre-workout mumble chatter included explanation of how Catfish is going to destroy me in wrestling, Christmas travels, and plans for the week. At 5:30, disclaimer was given, followed by a quick mosey to warm up and stretch out. COP was brief, including 10 side straddle hops, downward dog, calf stetches, runner’s stretches, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans.

THANG 1: We mosied over to the Baptizer for the first workout. I had written down 12 different exercises on a card numbered from 1-12. I asked for the oldest person to pick a number (Jitterbug chose 4) and the youngest person to choose a number (Stick Up chose 7). The choices they selected equated to us doing a Jack Webb workout up the Baptizer with 4 broad jumps: 1 boyo ratio. Once everyone got up to the speed bump we mosied around to the coupon area to work the back hill.

THANG 2: A new card was selected with 12 different workouts. This time the tallest person (Wet Bandit) and the most elfish/shortest (once again Jitterbug) chose numbers, 5 and 11, respectively. So we did a set of 12s up to the speed bump, starting with 11 man-makers at the bottom and even more broad jump burpees up top. With 5 minutes left we put up the coupons and ran over towards the flags to finish up with Mary. Jewel declined to pick an exercise because he was too tired, Roper called for elevators, Wet Bandit chose gas pumps, Corningstone chose wipers and Jitterbug finished up with Freddy Mercuries until time was called.

Circled the flags for COT. Did countOrama, nameOrama,

Announcements: Raffle to support western Kentucky, Iron Horse coming up, Dare to Care will be Jan 8.

Intentions: Jeanne Usher (Grandmother of Nice and Slow and my wife), Husky, Subprime and his leg.

A special note of thanks to all those who came out this morning. I loved the opportunity to Q and hate that I miss out on that too often because of work. A truly appreciate each and every person that came to work out this morning!

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