12.17.21 Back Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot

I mean when else other than mashup week will I have the opportunity to Q alongside the beast of beasts…the man who has earned double respect and still regularly posts on recovery from a knee replacement surgery…the dude whose wienke promises to be hard and tough without fail, every time…well originally it was planned to be a solo before mashup week but when it came to be and LadyBird, Duckling and Worm couldn’t commit, Holy Roller would come back on a red eye and join me on the most epic of mashup beatdowns. We talked briefly on Slack to plan it out but when you’ve had the Q a time or two before you just know how to “Roll” with it.

0530 and here are the PAX in attendance: Colonel Klink, Shade Tree, Rip Van Winkle, Swingset, Focker, Yankovic (R), Ruby (R), Boss Hog (R), Holy Roller (R) (Q), BigBird (Q)

We would start out with the disclaimer and got right into COP. HR would opt to do COP using coupons. We all joked around like we were surprised but c’mon, really? Personally I wouldn’t expect anything less. He passes it over to me and I did a few COP plank position movements to make sure we were nice and warm and loose. Pass back to HR and he has us throw our coupons on our shoulders and mosey over the the corner of 1st and Main streets for…

The Thang: Now, in our prior discussions HR had promised upper body coupon work and asked me to be prepared to do running and leg work but when he pulled out the dice of pain, you know that’s like a box of chocolates. And on this day that box of chocolates roll of the dice would be leg heavy with lunges, wall sits, jump squats and mountain climbers. In between the dice I would have us doing some kind of leg exercise, mosey down Main St for about 300 yards and do another leg exercise before moseying back. Passers by (and oddly there were quite a few during the 5 o’clock hour) were no doubt we’re wondering what the hell was going on when we were doing monkey and gorilla humpers with our backsides facing the busy intersection. We found time for some good mumble chatter and I got to learn the origin of Swingset and Rip Van Winkle’s F3 names. Both great stories. After so many exercises to name we would mosey back to the flags for the “cool down.” HR needs someone to define to him what cool down means because doing man maker complexes until time was called doesn’t qualify. But hey, Freed to Lead and again, with HR I wouldn’t expect anything less.

COR, NOR & COT: We made a couple announcements about the W KY relief efforts and continued awareness of sex trafficking. Had preacher man Yankovic send us out in prayer (I always appreciate his valuable perspective). Thank you to the men that made it out on this day at an AO that continues to grow and expand.

Until next time…

Holy Roller & BigBird

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