BB – The Bridge at Posh – 1/12/22 – Diane Dukes Q

We had a much warmer morning that the past few days, it wasn’t in the teens so that was good. PAX – Edward Scissorhands, Ladybird, Emma, Stick Up, Huggies, Buzzsaw, Dynomite!, and Big Bird!

Circle up for COP with SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog then moseyed to the bridge. Couldn’t get the Bluetooth speaker to work on my new phone so we went without tunes. My playlists are horrible so I’m sure no one cared. Called out 11’s, we did Burpees on one end and jump squats on the other end. Every time we crossed the top of the bridge we did 10 dips. Big Bird leading the way, strong work.

Then we moseyed to the parking lot where we did bear crawls, merkins, X factors, then sprints. Just a few minutes left so we headed to the flag for about 5 minutes of Mary.

Announcements, intentions, and prayer.

Pleasure to Lead – Dukes

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