Back-Blast for Wednesday 01/26/2022 Black Ops @ The Patriot

We had 11 HIM brave the cold this morning, with most of them relatively fresh Patriot homers. We spoke about this at the end, the momentum is strong and Focker said it well, it’s their AO and we are excited to see them keep showing up in the gloom.

PAX – :  Focker, Xerox, Swingset, Midfield, Patty, Mannequin, Katniss, Swag, Honey Do, Van Winkle, Yankovic (R & Q)

Yankovic got us moving quickly with COP, I think I have this right..but remember, my brain was just thawing out:

Grass Grabbers

Downward Dog, into Caitlyn Jenner (a Patriot favorite)

Mountain Climbers

Kendra Newman…I think…maybe something else

In any case, we were warmed up and ready for the Main Thang, a Yankovic original, The Longest Lap.

The PAX split into 2 groups to go in opposite directions around the square. Starting at the statue we began a variation on 4 corners, around the main square, with 6 stops.

You do the math.

Yankovic said he ‘missed doing man makers’…which leads me to believe he had Holy Roller in an ear piece…but I digress.

Each of the 6 stops on lap 1 blesses us with 10 man makers, 20 big boys and 30 squats with coupon. I think Yank was slightly surprised at how quickly all of us ‘iron horses’ got around lap one because he dialed up lap 2 sans coupons.

We didn’t quite make it through lap 2.

We pulled together for 1 merry exercise, lead by Focker, which started in a crab position called T-Bones. All I can say is this was fun to watch. Most of us started well, somewhere around 20 reps Focker kept going and Honey Do called time, for which we were all thankful.

We circled up back at the statue with flags in view for COT.

Announcements were called for, F3 Prom Friday was given as well as some others. We talked about how excited we are to see so many men coming out to The Patriot in and around La Grange. Most of the group today has been coming for less than a month, some slightly longer. Mannequin pointed out what F3 does for each of us mentally, not just physically…while wearing a fantastic Ohio State Buckeyes sweatshirt I might add, Go Bucks! Ahem.

Intentions were made known, Swag’s co-workers father passed last week and Patty had a friend have a terribly tragic snow mobile accident. Life is precious men as Focker said ‘we don’t know the day or time.’

Yankovic spoke of our ‘temporary assignment’ here and then lead us in an awesome prayer to finish up and start our day.

Beyond thankful for all the F3 PAX

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