Back-Blast Tuesday 01-25-2022 The Cliffs @ The Garden

Definitely a fun morning at the Garden…as usual.  We had a big group from a bunch of different AOs. Some regulars, some familiar faces who have not been out as much lately, some newer guys, some dude named Jewel. Is was pretty cool. 
PAX – :  Jimmy Neutron, Wet Bandit, Husky (R), Huggies, Nino, Wide Right, Jewel, Catfish, Corningstone, Meter Maid, Cochran, Abacus, Big Bird, WILDflower, Viking, DeVitto, Gisele, NattyLite, Kitty Litter, Glowsticks, SGT Hulka (R), Dauber (Q).
It was also pretty dang cold so we got moving right away with a mobile COP while touring the grounds and stopping at what would be our workout stations later:

Stop 1 – SSH 

Stop 2- Grass Grabbers

Stop 3 – Downward Dog 

Stop 4 – Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps 

We moseyed back to the start for the Main Thang – FOUR CORNERS (kind of). We ran a big square/circle around the garden with 4 cones set up as “corners” with an exercise at each:  V-Ups, Overhead Press, Flutter Kicks, Merkins.  Reps increased each cycle – First round 10, then 20, 30, 40. 

Catfish is injured so he didn’t lap everyone. But he was pretty solidly out in front of everyone even with the injury.  Okay, enough fawning over Catfish. Errbody was cranking through reps, running, lunge walking, Bernie-ing, burpee-ing, etc. 

We converged back at the start with 90 seconds left. 10 BOYOs, a few squats and time was called. 

Circled up around the flag (no ghost flag…WTH!?!?!?)

COT – CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer

Boondocks 4-Life

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