Back-Blast Saturday 03-19-2022 – The Ruiner @ The O

It was a therapeutic morning at The O. 7 PAX total somehow killed the entire workout while complaining most of the time. PAX – Vincent (R), Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Big Bird, Handbook, Tron, Dauber (Q). Russ and I got out some of our frustration about the Cats and the UofL fans were moderately compassionate (let’s be honest, it’s hard for Cards fans to really say anything). But most of the complaining was about the workout…which was fair. It required some strong effort and a significant mental focus (not really, but you would think I asked them to solve the Diophantine Equation based on the feedback).

Here is what we did after the disclaimer:
Short mosey over to the school parking lot for COP of SSH, Grass Grabbers
Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, and some Downward Dog. We stayed right there for the Main Thang. We did 100 reps of 10 different exercises in a variation of a ladder with interval run to street and back. We added an exercise each time, but only 10 reps of whatever exercises were being repeated on the ladder…
10 Merkins
20 Squats
30 4ct American Hammers
40 Groiners
50 4ct Flutter Kicks
60 Carolina Dry Docks
70 Lunges
80 Plank Jacks
100 4ct SSH

After what felt like 15 minutes of splainin’ the workout, we got after it and everybody was working hard. Did so well we ended a little early and rewarded ourselves with 5 up and back sprints on the tennis courts before time. Special props to Big Bird and Harry Caray who ran 7 miles before the workout!

We circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer

Love The O.


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