PB-03.23.22-The Bridge @ Poshland-Kitty Litter Q

I’m looking forward to my first Q at Posh! Years ago, and soon after they finished installing this WO’s namesake, “The Bridge”, me and my M would squeeze around the temporary fencing in front of the bridge to explore the “new” Parklands section yet to be opened. Loved it then and love it now. It’s so posh that I feel like there should be a cache of heated blankets, bespoke coupons, and permanent AO flag storage. Oh yeah…and a professional massage therapist to help you recover from the godawful bear-crawls & murder bunnies we’re required to endure tomorrow. A bit of running is likely on the menu as well. Bring a coop’n and a friend (a friend that you’d be okay hating you for a little while afterwards). -KL-

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