BB – Dot Q – @ The O 4/16/22

Group was set with 5 pax: Shyster, Tron, Russdiculous, Handbook and Dot (Q). Gave the disclaimer and got underway after warm-up and staging coupons at tennis courts. Part I – Took a run around the park on the path and stopped intermittently for merkins of all types, squats and lunges – reps of 15. Part II – Back to the courts for four corners of fun. Coupon work in alternating corners of either 15 man-makers or 15 squats-to-curls. Part III – Departed for Coogan’s Cove for 11’s. Bobby Hurley’s and mountain climbers at top of the hills with 15 merkins in the valley each time. Did not get through the 11’s as time was called so headed back to circle up. NOR, announcements, intentions and ended with John 3:16 as thought appropriate for the week. Good work all!

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