7/28/22 – BB Temple of Gloom at The O – Dot Q

PAX: Tron, Flo Jo, Harry Caray, Sump Pump (R), Spanx (R), Snotz, Gomer, Duff, Flood Plain, Dollywood (FNG), McAfee, YNot, Big Bird, Handbook, Dot (Q) We began with mosey around last quarter of running path and returned to tennis courts for SSH’s, downward dog, mountain climbers, etc. Thang 1 Grounded coupons near one corner ofContinue reading “7/28/22 – BB Temple of Gloom at The O – Dot Q”

7/27/22 – BB The Foundry at The County – Dot Q

Pax: Brown Water, Double Pump, Mule (DR-NC), Meter Maid and YHC. COP: We moseyed around the parking lot and then circled up for SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, etc. before grabbing our coupons and heading over to the caboose along the RR tracks for: Thang 1: There, we used the wall to do 3 roundsContinue reading “7/27/22 – BB The Foundry at The County – Dot Q”

BB – 7/1/22 Pleasantville – Dot Q

Pleased to see upon arrival that we had pax piling out of clown car so knew we would have solid numbers: OJ, AllState, Middle Man, Haray Caray, Subprime, Instadoodle, CandyStripes, Hootie, Wet Bandit and yours truly. COP: SSH, Downward Dog, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps Thang 1: Indian Run – looped down thru main square andContinue reading “BB – 7/1/22 Pleasantville – Dot Q”

BB: THE RUINER @ THE O – 6/11/2022 – DOT Q

We started on the positive note that we again had an FNG joining us, continuing the awesome recruitment run the O has been seeing of late – thx Duff!. Pax:  Vincent (R), Haray Caray, Duff, Sump Pump (R), Spanx (R), FNG (Richard Gere (full story yet to be uncovered)) Proceeded to mosey and back toContinue reading “BB: THE RUINER @ THE O – 6/11/2022 – DOT Q”

BB – Dot Q – @ The O 4/16/22

Group was set with 5 pax: Shyster, Tron, Russdiculous, Handbook and Dot (Q). Gave the disclaimer and got underway after warm-up and staging coupons at tennis courts. Part I – Took a run around the park on the path and stopped intermittently for merkins of all types, squats and lunges – reps of 15. PartContinue reading “BB – Dot Q – @ The O 4/16/22”