BB – 7/1/22 Pleasantville – Dot Q

Pleased to see upon arrival that we had pax piling out of clown car so knew we would have solid numbers: OJ, AllState, Middle Man, Haray Caray, Subprime, Instadoodle, CandyStripes, Hootie, Wet Bandit and yours truly.

COP: SSH, Downward Dog, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps

Thang 1: Indian Run – looped down thru main square and back x2. Everyone loved it and wanted more but we had other stuff to do so..

Thang 2: Overly ambitious board of partner exercises at amphitheater – w/coupon. One pax would exercise while the other would jog up sidewalk to road and back down. 200 each of: Squats, Overhead Presses, Lunges (no coupon), Curls, Step-Ups.

If finished, restart exercises and go to 100. Wishful thinking as do not believe any group got thru the curls.

With last few minutes did some Mary and took turns calling exercises.

Announcements and Intentions: Keep Charolais in thoughts and prayers and wear white next Thu when you post. Discussed capture-the-flag ruck – not too late to come out.

Great effort by all. Appreciate the opportunity to lead. Have a fun and safe 4th weekend.

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