BB- North Posh – 7/4/22

After coming back from Scout Camp in Canton, NC, YHC picked up the Q for North Posh. It is a great spot for running. If you haven’t been there, check it out sometime soon.

With it being a holiday, the 7AM start time didn’t make it seem so much like the usual gloom. I wasn’t sure of the numbers coming so I reached reached out to PK at 615AM. PK was rucking with Pizza before his South Posh Q. My plan was to run and meet up with them for a few exercises.

Outside of that, I didn’t have anything thought out and would just make it up along the way. At 7AM, Cochran and Abacus were there and ready to run. Abacus drove his massive truck while Cochran had his BMW convertible. There was no sign of Mr. Roper as I gave the disclaimer.

We started running toward the egg lawn and I started the music I had planned out. The first song was All Summer Long by Kid Rock. Abacus enjoyed it and asked if it would all be Kid Rock songs (and it would not to his dismay).

We ran the 1.8 miles to the top of the egg lawn where a large number of PAX were getting ready for Dora. PK had suicides with 100 merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats. Toward the end of Dora, Mr. Roper joined up.

PK let me lead the next portion so I decided to run about half the egg lawn and when you arrived do flutter kicks waiting for the six.

An 8 year old, Sonic (now I get his name as a cross country runner), ran to the front and finished first. I imagine he was a younger version of Backflop.

Then, we ran back toward NP. Abacus and Cochran slayed the hills and were out of sight quickly.

We had about 5 minutes left for a few exercises. We did 17 dips and 76 single count flutter kicks. Then, we did some runners stretch (strict), butterfly and other stretches before time was called.

By the numbers, we had a 2 code browns and one car called cute after the workout (ask Cochran about that next time you see him).

We did COR, NOR, announcements and prayer.

Happy 4th ya all! Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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